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1.5-30.6 - 500 eu

1.7-31.9- 550 eu

1.9-1.11 - 450 eu

50 eu is extra per person for 10 and more people.

The price applies per day. Fuel is not included in price. Of course, consumption of fuel you will know before excursion. It depends where you will go, sea condition, total weight. After inquiry and knowing your route, we will calculate.

Price includes skipper, insurance, cleaning, drink.


Booking and payment

From 2018 booking and payment is possible on few ways:

1. Phonecall or message

2. Airbnb

3. Click&boats

For all other payments if you want, (like bank account ect) please contact us.


If you book on Airbnb, you accept ours and also Airbnb terms and conditionas.

Price on Airbnb can be bigger because of fee.


Sleeping on boat free if you rent two or more days.


Data protection in the EU

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is directive of EU and Batuda company is committed to protect customers personal data in a way that it collects only the necessary, basic information about customers what are needed to do our job of renting a boat.

We do not use any data (name , adress, email, IP,MAC adress, gps, RFID, cookies, tel number, oib...) in any other option, and dont hold it in any folder. 

Only data what are used for our marketing campaigns can be from which country guests are comming from, and average age of guests, to know on what population we need to concentrate.

Before putting any foto or video on our web site, facebook, instagram ect, we need your permission to do it. We will not put any data before your permission.




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